Team Teach

Behaviour Support Training

Our training provides your team with a toolkit of holistic strategies on de-escalation and crisis intervention, both verbal and non-verbal for supporting and reducing instances of disruptive and distressed behaviours, whilst reducing occupational violence.

Our courses provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the values and philosophy underlying the Team Teach approach to behaviour support. Our motivation stems from the imperative to ensure the safety of individuals who are distressed, as well as those around them.

We firmly believe that all behaviour is communication, influenced by personal experiences and emotions. Our approach emphasises a toolkit based on the 95% of understanding behaviours, promoting de-escalation and risk reduction. The remaining 5% assesses the need for physical intervention in conjunction with a need analysis. We support your whole team to build confidence and expertise to ensure all understand how to best support individuals appropriately and with consistency.

We can help you to provide staff with essential training in response to occupational violence and aggression, ensuring that you can continue to provide high-quality care.

Our training is suitable for professionals working in a variety of settings from Education, Disability, and Human Services which may include, Healthcare, Aged Care, Youth Justice, and more! We ensure each course delivered meets the needs of the particular organisation.

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