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About Us

Team Teach Training is Used in Over 13,000 Settings


Over 100,000 People Train with Team Teach Each Year


Over 3,000 People Have Become Team Teach Trainers


Team Teach Training is used in 34 Countries throughout the World.

How is Team Teach training different?

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Moving beyond behaviour management, supporting individuals and organisations to utilise strategies that lower risk, build relationships, minimise physical intervention and create positive environments.

Understanding all behaviour as a form of communication and recognising that staff approaches meet those communication needs.

Building course content to meet the needs of your team, ensuring bespoke and customised courses are relevant.

Building Team Cultures. We understand that members of your team may have worked in your industry for several years, and others recently joined. Our courses build clear lines of communication and teamwork from the offset.

Trauma-informed care. We understand the importance of how trauma impacts an individual at every occurrence of their life, from their perceptions to their behaviour.

Scenario-Driven. We understand that every organisation can have very different experiences. We draw your past, current and future scenarios into our learning, valuing the importance of care at every level.

Our Vision

Advance awareness and understanding of the power of positive behavioural strategies to transform outcomes for both children and adults and foster positive relationships.

Our Mission

Equip everyone with the tools they need to understand and support behaviour as a form of communication, at work or in daily life, in a positive and respectful manner.

Our Values

Team Teach Training is:

  • Respectful
  • Supportive
  • Practical
  • Accessible
  • Mindful
Our Approach

We foster a culture of support, helping people recognise the needs of those they work with, offer help where necessary, and be able to make use of support when offered.

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