The foundation of Team Teach is our network of trainers led by our Principal Trainers, who have extensive knowledge and experience of delivering positive behaviour support training across a variety of sectors.

Jonathan Newport

Global Director

Jonathan Newport is Global Director of Team Teach and leads the Learning and Development Team as Chief Learning Officer. He is a behaviour specialist with over 30 years’ experience working in a range of settings.

Jonathan started his career in mainstream primary schools, and it was here that he developed a passion for a puzzle-solving approach to behaviour. This journey led him to work across primary and secondary schools in the mainstream and independent sectors, including 17 years leading Barnardo’s largest residential special school. During this time, Jonathan created solutions within the curriculum design that promoted positive behaviour for learning, allowing children and young people to grow and thrive as individuals.

Within this school, Jonathan set up a bespoke primary provision to support complex needs, which was commended by Ofsted for its innovative approach and was adopted by other schools. Jonathan embedded Team Teach thinking and practices, which led to no physical interventions for over 3 years. Jonathan then became the Educational Lead for Barnardo’s.

In 2018, Jonathan started what he describes as his ‘dream job’ leading the Team Teach organisation. Driven by the desire to create transformational change for those who need it most, he has become a passionate advocate for putting more supports in place for those who are distressed. Crucially, Jonathan keeps individual and staff wellbeing and mental health at the forefront of training. He believes that, as we seek to reduce restraint, we must also develop our ability to reduce risk, in order to safeguard all. Jonathan has been keen to show how the holistic approach adopted for children and young people is also transferable to adult services, which has led him to work more widely within the health and social care sectors.

As well as consultancy, Jonathan has contributed to a wide range of publications and delivered keynote speeches around behaviour, culture, learning, wellbeing, mental health, curriculum design, engagement and inclusion. He has spoken at NAHT conferences, The Education Show, Academies Show, Autism and Learning Disabilities and Dementia conferences, as well as numerous other events. Jonathan is recognised internationally for his work in developing and supporting positive behaviour, ethos, and culture, which has led him to engage with ministers and government departments in the UK and worldwide.

At the heart of Jonathan’s work is a drive to change the dynamic for children, young people and adults who find themselves distressed and unable to regulate behaviour. This is achieved by supporting staff to better understand their needs, ultimately improving outcomes and wellbeing for all.

Our team is dedicated to advancing awareness and understanding of the power of positive behavioural strategies to transform outcomes for children and adults, and foster positive relationships. They are supported by a large team of Senior, Assist and Employer trainers across the UK and Internationally.


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Nancy Hooper

Health & Social Care Lead at Team Teach

Nancy Hooper is the Health & Social Care Lead at Team Teach and part of the Learning and Development Team. She has been working in behaviour support for over twenty-five years across a variety of settings, from community homes to forensic secure services. Nancy works globally developing staff understanding of behaviours to create transformational change across the health, social care, and education sectors.

Nancy started her career as a learning disability nurse working with adults in an assessment and treatment service. It was here that she developed a passion for understanding behaviour. She completed a master’s degree in Intellectual Disability and worked as a behaviour support specialist, providing intensive support to staff and families working with children and adults across a wide range of services. This allowed her to develop innovative ways of thinking about behaviour, create person centred strategies for people in distress, and support staff in finding positive ways of working with people who presented with behaviours that challenge.

While Nancy provided direct support and strategies as a behaviour specialist, she also started training staff across services around ways to reduce risk and restraint. This thirst to improve care and cultures across organisations has led to her providing consultancy, training, and coaching to organisations and staff teams around the world.

Mark Sheldon

Principal Trainer

Simon Holding

Adult Care Lead at Team Teach

Simon Holding is the Adult Care Lead at Team Teach and part of the Learning and Development team. He has worked in a wide range of roles in adult day and residential services and was part of the first authority to adopt Team Teach training for adult social care in 1999.

Simon has been a Team Teach trainer for over 20 years. He became an Intermediate Team Teach trainer in 2000, before becoming an Advanced trainer, delivering training to social care services including residential, short-break and day services, supported living, and care homes. He has also trained extensively in education settings including, mainstream schools, pupil referral units and special schools.

Simon holds a City and Guilds National Vocational Qualification in Promoting Independence Level 3, an Institute of Leadership & Management National Vocational Qualification in Level 3 in Management, Understanding Psychology level 2, and a NCFE Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Dementia Care.

Simon continues to deliver and moderate Team Teach training courses and is particularly passionate about developing safe and respectful adult care.

Darren Walker

Senior Trainer

Dan Chesterman

International Business Development Manager

Ellie Maddocks

Senior International Business Development Manager

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‘The training provided was excellent. The trainer was able to keep all staff engaged and motivated throughout the day. All content was relevant to our settings. The feedback from staff was very positive. I feel we gained useful skills and the course allowed staff time to reflect and all questions were answered by the trainer in an effective manner.’

Assistant Director of Nursing

Clinical Nursing Unit, Co. Roscommon