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Becoming a Team Teach Trainer

29 February 2024|

In this webinar, Jonathan Newport speaks of the benefits of becoming a Team Teach Trainer. By becoming a Team Teach trainer you can support the development of a greater team dynamic when supporting individuals who are distressed with approaches that impact and strengthen relationships. We provide you with a toolkit [...]

Reducing Restrictive Practices While Minimising Risk

29 February 2024|

This webinar from Team Teach Health & Social Care specialist Nancy Hooper discusses the need to understand the balance between risk and restraint and how applying a continuum approach will minimise the need for restraint alongside minimising risk for all. Watch Now

Straight into Crisis: Supporting Sudden Escalations of Behaviour

8 January 2024|

Watch our webinar hosted by Dave Smallwood, experienced Principal Team-Teach trainer and behaviour consultant, as we discuss behaviour that seems to have come out of nowhere, because we haven’t seen the experiences an individual has had before they got to us. This can include sudden explosive outbursts, but also individuals [...]

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