Behaviour Support Training Tailored to Adult Care Settings

Behaviour Support Training Tailored to Adult Care Settings

A toolkit of holistic strategies on de-escalation and crisis intervention, both verbal and non-verbal for supporting with disruptive and distressed behaviours.

A toolkit of holistic strategies on de-escalation and crisis intervention, both verbal and non-verbal for supporting with disruptive and distressed behaviours.

Also available as a BILD Certified course under the Restraint Reduction Network standards framework.

Training courses designed to support staff teams responding to occupational violence & aggression, reducing risk, and safely managing risk behaviours.

Which course is right for your service?

Our training framework gives you a variety of strategies to best support you and your staff teams.

Our experienced trainers can directly deliver training in-person, and on-site for staff groups.

Alternatively, we offer a Train-the-Trainer model for organisations to have certified in-house trainers, who can lead on the delivery of training for your staff. Staff can join our Train-the-Trainer courses by attending one of our public courses hosted throughout the calendar year, or we can deliver a private course for your organisation.

Speak with our team today for a consultation and thorough needs analysis, we are always on hand to advise and make sure that you pick the right course to meet your training needs.

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Our award-winning, evidence-based courses will equip you and your staff with a range of behaviour support skills, including a foundation on 95% of prevention, de-escalation and early intervention strategies delivered by expert trainers with extensive experience in healthcare.

With our training, everyone in your organisation will have the skills and strategies they need to support distressed individuals and respond to their behaviour in a way that is respectful, reasonable, proportionate, necessary, and in everyone’s’ best interests.

The Team Teach courses provide your service with researched and considered behaviour support strategies when supporting behaviours that may present as challenging in your working environment.

We work with you to positively implement behaviour support in your organisation and reduce the need for physical intervention. You’ll be given a range of practical, person-centred de-escalation and crisis intervention strategies you can use to minimise risk and manage conflict safely and respectfully in your setting.

  • Reduce occupational violence and aggression.
  • Prevent heightening and escalating behaviours.
  • De-escalate behaviours of concern.
  • Build a toolbox approach to de-fuse situations.
  • Person-centred caring strategies.
  • Build an understanding of trauma-informed approaches.
  • Build personal safety skills and an awareness of body language and personal space.
  • To develop skills in behaviour support including verbal and non-verbal communication, diversion and de-escalation, reflecting on staff approaches.
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of restraint/restrictive intervention.

Team Teach supports any service across the HSE, Voluntary Hospitals and any other healthcare settings across Ireland, covering receptionists, support personnel, front-line teams, lone workers, community support, and nursing teams in both general and specialised services.

We understand no two services are the same, and therefore our course content is built to suit the needs of a variety of departments, inclusive but not limited to:

  • Clinical & Clerical
  • Drug & Alcohol Addiction Services
  • Children’s & Adult Disability Networks
  • Mental Health
  • Dentists
  • Older Person’s Services & Dementia Care Settings
  • Ambulance Services
  • Counselling Services
  • Primary Care Centres
  • Urgent & Emergency Care
  • Community Services
  • Safeguard people & services.
  • Reduce risk, restraint, and restriction.
  • Grow meaningful, positive relationships.
  • Promote behavioural support.
  • Develop greater awareness of communication strategies.
  • To increase confidence in staff and carers when managing risk behaviour.

Level One – One Day Course

Our Level One – one day course is a perfect solution for mandatory Violence & Aggression training requirements. You’ll learn how to safely and appropriately respond to behaviour from a toolkit of theoretical intervention methodologies. You’ll also learn simple and safe techniques including personal safety, prompts, guides, and disengagements (if required by your service). Our techniques are respectful, supportive, robustly risk assessed and help you maintain positive relationships.

Level Two – 2 Two Day Course

In addition to the Level One course content, our Level Two course has more time to deliver and practice additional modules, including a range of guides, escorts, and physical intervention techniques in standing and seated positions, safely, appropriate for your service setting needs. Our approach is focused on maximum care and respect, always aiming to reduce restraint and restrictive practices.

For further skills, including our Advanced Modules emergency and safety skills, please get in touch with the team at

Trainer Course Options:

With our Train the Trainer courses, staff members can become trained Team Teach trainers with an in-depth understanding of behaviour support.

You’ll then be able to deliver Team Teach training to colleagues within your organisation. Depending on the level of Train-The-Trainer course chosen will reflect in the level of training they can deliver.

Having your in-house training instructors offers you the flexibility to choose when, where and who you deliver your training to throughout the year and could be a cost-effective option for your service.

Trainer Level


What Can I Cascade?

Foundation Trainer Plus

 3 Days

Level One

Intermediate Trainer

 5 Days

Level One

Level Two

Advanced Trainer

 4 Days

Level One

Level Two

Advanced Modules

For further skills, including our Advanced Modules emergency and safety skills, please get in touch with the team at

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Which training pathway is most suitable for you?

Book a consultation with us today to discuss which course is right for your organisation.
We recommend a thorough needs analysis before all training and our team is always on hand to advise you

We’re dedicated to improving the lives and outcomes of the people our training supports.

The Positive Behaviour Management Program that Team Teach offers is comprehensive, dynamic, and practical. It teaches a proactive and preventative approach to support the resident/client/service user in distress. If behaviour has escalated team teach demonstrate safe holding techniques with the least intrusive action used where possible.

The facilitator taught us to see beyond the behaviour and to question what function the behaviour served. Only then can a truly empathic, kind, and caring intervention be utilised. He was relaxed, and friendly and clearly communicated the Team Teach principles and interventions.

Our staff now feel better equipped to support our resident/client/service users in ways that lead to positive outcomes and create nurturing, respectful relationships.

Nursing Lead, Community Unit, Dublin

Become a Team Teach Trainer

By attending one of our courses to become a Team Teach trainer, you will be able to provide a consistent approach in positive behaviour training within your organisation. With your newly gained knowledge and skills, you can deliver training specific to the unique needs of your setting, progress your ongoing professional development and grow a shared culture and understanding within your workplace.

By increasing your understanding and awareness of behaviour support strategies, you will enhance your team’s abilities to create and nurture a positive and caring ethos within your environment.

Your organisation benefits from a consistent and cost effective way to train your teams, whilst also being able to quickly respond to training needs as and when they arise.

You will be able to adapt and shape the training to meet the differing needs across your organisation, whilst being reassured that all of the training is underpinned by best practice guidance and legislative frameworks.