The foundation of Team Teach is our network of trainers led by our Principal Trainers, who have extensive knowledge and experience of delivering behaviour support training across a variety of sectors.

Our team is dedicated to advancing awareness and understanding of the power of positive behavioural strategies to transform outcomes for children and adults, and foster positive relationships. Team Teach Australia & New Zealand is supported by our global organisation, with a wider team based across the globe.

Jonathan Newport

Global Director

Jonathan Newport is Global Director of Team Teach and leads the Learning and Development Team as Chief Learning Officer. He is a behaviour specialist with over 30 years’ experience working in a range of settings.

Jonathan started his career in mainstream primary schools, and it was here that he developed a passion for a puzzle-solving approach to behaviour. This journey led him to work across primary and secondary schools in the mainstream and independent sectors, including 17 years leading Barnardo’s largest residential special school. During this time, Jonathan created solutions within the curriculum design that promoted positive behaviour for learning, allowing children and young people to grow and thrive as individuals.

Within this school, Jonathan set up a bespoke primary provision to support complex needs, which was commended by Ofsted for its innovative approach and was adopted by other schools. Jonathan embedded Team Teach thinking and practices, which led to no physical interventions for over 3 years. Jonathan then became the Educational Lead for Barnardo’s.

In 2018, Jonathan started what he describes as his ‘dream job’ leading the Team Teach organisation. Driven by the desire to create transformational change for those who need it most, he has become a passionate advocate for putting more supports in place for those who are distressed. Crucially, Jonathan keeps individual and staff wellbeing and mental health at the forefront of training. He believes that, as we seek to reduce restraint, we must also develop our ability to reduce risk, in order to safeguard all. Jonathan has been keen to show how the holistic approach adopted for children and young people is also transferable to adult services, which has led him to work more widely within the health and social care sectors.

As well as consultancy, Jonathan has contributed to a wide range of publications and delivered keynote speeches around behaviour, culture, learning, wellbeing, mental health, curriculum design, engagement and inclusion. He has spoken at NAHT conferences, The Education Show, Academies Show, Autism and Learning Disabilities and Dementia conferences, as well as numerous other events. Jonathan is recognised internationally for his work in developing and supporting positive behaviour, ethos, and culture, which has led him to engage with ministers and government departments in the UK and worldwide.

At the heart of Jonathan’s work is a drive to change the dynamic for children, young people and adults who find themselves distressed and unable to regulate behaviour. This is achieved by supporting staff to better understand their needs, ultimately improving outcomes and wellbeing for all.

Olivia Walsh

International managing director

International Managing Director

Olivia’s career is marked by her unwavering dedication to the principles of safety, respect, and positive relationships. She has led Team Teach’s international expansion, ensuring that our training programs are accessible to a global audience. Her leadership has been instrumental in adapting and tailoring these programs to meet diverse cultural and regional needs, fostering environments where individuals can thrive.

Olivia’s passion lies in her belief that everyone deserves to be in a supportive and understanding environment. She is driven by the conviction that positive behavioral support can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. This passion fuels her efforts to provide services with the tools they need to create safe and supportive spaces.

Olivia is focused on expanding Team Teach’s reach even further, continuing to innovate and adapt their training programs to address emerging challenges in education, disability and care. She envisions a world where every service provider is equipped with the knowledge and skills to foster environments of mutual respect and understanding.

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Cale Begley

Learning & Developing Director

Cale is L&D Director for Australia and New Zealand and a Principal Trainer delivering trainer courses and direct delivery across the globe. He is an experienced educator with a passion for supporting genuine positive engagement. Cale worked in education for 15 years as a teacher, chaplain and school principal working with students with a range of complex needs and challenging behaviours. Alongside his Team Teach role he also provides training, coaching and resources to support people with complex needs and runs mainstream high school programs for disengaged youth. Cale has been a Team Teach trainer since 2008. He has delivered training Australia-wide across the education, disability sectors and aged care.

Cale worked as the school principal of a school catering for students aged 4-18 with severe and complex disabilities for 6 years. During this time, he led a change management process which introduced whole-school approaches to positive engagement and communication. The improved levels of engagement led to dramatic reductions in challenging behaviour and improved access to learning experiences and improved outcomes. It also led to improvements in school culture and reputation and saw enrolments increase by 80%. The school received recognition for their work among education, PBS and AAC communities. It was awarded the International Society of Alternative and Augmentative Communication School of the Year. Cale has presented his work at national and international conferences.

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Karen Gamblin

Account Director – Education

As Account Director for Team Teach Australia & New Zealand. Karen has 30 years’ experience in teaching, recruitment, training and consultation in the UK, South Africa, and Australia. Originally Early Childhood trained, Karen has worked throughout the Primary Sector in all 3 countries and has also worked as an International Teacher Recruitment Manager, vetting and interviewing teachers across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa, and Canada for suitable vacancies in England, Scotland, and Wales. This included engaging with teacher graduates at universities across Australia, running workshops on Writing Resumes and Developing Interview Skills, and providing graduates with the vital tools they needed to apply for teaching positions in Australia and abroad.

Karen has always been passionate about developing class environments where the needs of all students are catered for and students feel welcome, safe, and respected.

Working at Team Teach has allowed her to continue this journey adopting and implementing the Team Teach philosophy to develop and support positive behaviours with transformative training.

She now helps schools and care settings across Australia find suitable training solutions that will them develop a shared culture, understanding and vocabulary around behaviour and hence produce a consistent approach towards behaviour.

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Amanda Brady-Fujita

Account Manager & Trainer – Disability & Care

Amanda has always had a great passion for taking care of and supporting individuals, across a variety of settings within the Human Services sector.

Starting off as a Nurse in mainstream hospitals in Australia, Amanda took a step into residential Aged Care. Within Aged Care, Amanda supported elderly clients, including individuals on secure Dementia wings showing behaviours of concern.

Amanda then transitioned into the disability sector where her love for training began! Within these roles, experiancing a wide range of complex behaviours, with some physically and verbally aggressive individuals.

This has culminated in over 15 years of experience with behaviours of concern and 7+ years in training delivery.

Adult learning is something that Amanda thoroughly enjoy, as adult learners already have vast experience and knowledge that they bring with them, sometimes it is just about instilling that confidence, or providing that validation for the learners, encouraging them to connect this knowledge and skills, when facilitating the Team Teach courses and content.

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Denise Agnew

Operations Co-Ordinator

Denise has a varied background in administration supporting executives and their teams.

Denise has been with Team Teach since X and provides critical support to our trainer network, supporting all pre- and post-course evaluations, co-ordinates online learning materials and is on-hand to answer any questions.

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Nick Burnett

Non-Executive Director

Nick Burnett is a Non-Executive Director of Australia & New Zealand. He has over 30 years of experience working in mainstream and special schools as a teacher, senior leader, and school principal, in both day and residential settings. Nick is also an author, accredited Restorative Practice facilitator, and leadership coach.

It was while Nick was headteacher of a successful state special school in the UK, that he trained to be a Team Teach Trainer. The school was praised in an Ofsted inspection for their implementation and use of Team Teach training, and this positive approach to behaviour had a significant impact on the high rating they achieved. Nick then qualified as an Advanced Trainer, running training in a wide range of settings across the UK and, after moving to Australia, in Asia-Pacific countries.

Nick was the first special school leader to gain a Research Associateship from the National College of School Leadership, which involved researching leadership in Special Schools in England and Australia. This has led to the publication of a book, ‘Leadership and Special Education Needs’, which was highly commended by the Times Educational Supplement and National Association of Special Education Needs (nasen) Annual Book Awards. He has also written many publications about reducing risk and restraint, leadership, and positive approaches to behaviour support.


Principal Trainer


Principal Trainer

Richard has experience working in education for over 26 years, both in England and Australia, including 21 years in the field of Special Education. He has worked across sectors, including leadership roles in mainstream schools and special education, including Head of Special Education and special school deputy principal and for the past 12 years as principal of two large special schools In Queensland. Throughout his career, Richard has committed to developing highly effective leadership and school teams to create innovative and engaging learning environments that support the inclusion of every student.

Richard has delivered Team teach training in special school settings (to 90 staff each year) for the past 12 years, focusing on school culture, proactive and preventative strategies through to planned physical interventions. He has developed and implemented systems and processes to support complex student presentations, aligned to departmental guidelines, in school settings, focusing on safe outcomes and reducing risk for both students and staff. Richard has delivered additional training for staff across school sites, including mainstream settings.

In his experience in special schools (disability), special schools (Emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD)), special education units and mainstream environments, Richard develops a culture of shared accountability with parents, stakeholder, school and departmental teams, with a clear philosophy, focusing on the capacity building of all staff. He ensures that collaboration and consultation are paramount, through clear communication processes, clarity of roles and expectations and ‘student centered’ decision making to support the very best outcomes for students in the educational setting.


Principal Trainer


Principal Trainer

Keely Haynes is an experienced Team Teach trainer with an extensive background in education and a specific interest in neurodiversity and disabilities. She is currently an Associate Principal for a special school in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Keely has had a varied career, including working in a respite house, a residential autistic school, and a mainstream school in Bangkok. She has also worked in special schools in the United Kingdom supporting complex needs and taught in an ASD unit. This wide-ranging experience has shown Keely the importance of a compassionate approach and a need to understand the functions of behaviour.

Adapting learning and support to suit individual needs is at the heart of Keely’s practice. She encourages professionals and organisations to understand and meet individuals where they are and celebrate small steps and achievements that help them overcome challenges. Keeely advocates mainstream and specialist settings working together to share skills, knowledge and understanding about disabilities so they can find solutions, share best practice, and ultimately create positive outcomes for all.


Principal Trainer

Louise Van Galen is a Team Teach instructor with over 16 years of experience in education and 20 years working with the Federal police. She is a Licenced Mental Health First Aid Instructor, a TQI Accredited teacher, and a University Liaison Officer. Louise is also Child Safety Commissioner for the Scouts ACT.

Louise has enjoyed an extensive and varied career in policing and government investigations, including a tour of Cyprus with the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission, and working as a police detective.

Moving to the education sector, Louise achieved a master’s degree in teaching and quickly specialised in supporting students with disabilities and children who have experienced trauma. She also enjoyed being part of a dynamic student engagement team. By working with a range of external specialists, Louise developed a holistic approach to support both students and educators that she now brings to her role as a Team Teach trainer.

Upskilling professionals with the skills and knowledge to best support individuals is Louise’s passion. She believes that everyone should have the right to be the best that they can be and be enabled to live their best lives.


Senior Trainer

Sue Coull is an experienced Team Teach trainer with over 30 years of experience both as a music therapist and working within special and tertiary education. She holds a master’s degree in special education and has worked extensively with children, adults, and families with a diverse range of disabilities and needs, including vision impairment, intellectual disabilities, social-emotional disorders, and out-of-home care.

During her wide-ranging career, Sue has held a variety of leadership roles, including as school principal. She has been a lecturer in Music Therapy at the University of Queensland and Chair of Congress and President of the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA). Sue was also awarded a DET Inclusive Education scholarship to study Positive Behaviour in Schools in the USA and was awarded Outstanding Principal through the Principals’ Association of Specialist Schools (PASS).

Sue has significant experience in leading education and disability organisations at pivotal points, including merging disability services, turning an at-risk school around, and establishing a new school. In addition to her extensive education-based career, Sue has also managed of a not-for-profit service in Queensland, supporting diverse teams across four sites.

As a professional musician, Sue uses the analogy of an orchestral conductor to build strong leadership teams and respect for individual skill sets. Conductors don’t need to do everything themselves. Instead, they need to know how to bring everyone together to collaborate. Sue uses this approach to develop strong and supportive teams with a shared ethos and understanding around behaviour.

Sue is a Team Teach trained based in VIC, Australia. Susan Coull has a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in the fields of music therapy, special education and tertiary education, acquired and honed over 30 years. Sue has a powerful ability to bring knowledge, skills and understanding to people working in all aspects of the disability industry in ways that benefit individuals, groups and entire organisations.

Sue originally trained as a music therapist and holds a master’s degree in special education. She has worked for more than thirty years with at-risk children, adults and families with a diverse range of disabilities and challenges, including vision impairment, intellectual disability, social-emotional disorders), behaviours of concern, low socio-economic background, and out-of-home care.

In addition to her extensive education-based career, Sue spent a rewarding and challenging year in 2009 as the manager of a not-for-profit service in Queensland. Vision Australia had recently merged with the Royal Blind Foundation (QLD) and her role was to work across four sites (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Cairns) to support the diverse teams to the culture of the new organisation, introducing best practice for services to babies, children, adults and older adults.

Sue has significant experience in leading professional, educational and disability organisations at pivotal points, including: closing a school; merging two disability services; turning an at-risk school around; and establishing a new school.

We’re dedicated to improving the lives and outcomes of the people our training supports

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