Team Teach Behaviour Support Training For Your School

Team Teach Behaviour Support Training For Your School

A toolkit of holistic strategies on de-escalation and crisis intervention, both verbal and non-verbal for supporting with disruptive and distressed behaviours.

A toolkit of holistic strategies on de-escalation and crisis intervention, both verbal and non-verbal for supporting with disruptive and distressed behaviours.

Behaviour Support Training
(Levels 1, 2 & Advanced)

Our flagship course and where the Team Teach journey begins.

Our positive toolkit approach gives practical de-escalation and crisis intervention strategies you can use to minimise risk and manage conflict safely and respectfully in your setting. Build individual confidence and expertise so everyone knows how to support with challenging behaviour appropriately and consistently.

Use Team Teach training to develop your team dynamic and shared vision of how to support distressed individuals to create strong, positive relationships between staff and service users.

Available at multiple levels and tailored to your organisation to meet different needs.

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Become a Team Teach Trainer
Become a Team Teach Trainer
Becoming a Team Teach trainer has a cascade of benefits for yourself, your colleagues and most importantly the young people or adults you support.
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Our Training Is Used In Over 13,000 Settings

Over 100,000 people a year receive our award-winning, accredited training and over 3,000 people have chosen to become Team Teach Trainers.

Our Core Belief

“All behaviour is communication” is the core belief that underpins all of our training. By understanding the driving forces behind different behaviours we can create positive behaviour cultures and improve outcomes for those in our care.

Why We Do What We Do

We want to create a deeper understanding around behaviour and equip people with strategies to de-escalate situations, create and repair relationships and foster environments with positive behaviour cultures.

We’re dedicated to improving the lives and outcomes of the people our training supports.

“The phone call prior to the training helped to tailor the content to our needs and really focus on the children and young people that we support specifically. The trainer was very attentive and approachable throughout the training. It was also evident that he had researched the charity and the services that we offer and made sure that he linked and emphasised our practices with the theory of Team Teach.”

Sara Filer, Team Leader, Serennu Children’s Centre

“It has supported our staff to de-escalate behaviour situations. We liked both the theory and the practice of Level One – the mix of the two was great.

The course provided confidence, instilling the correct behaviour management, ethos of the programme. We recommend this course, it was very helpful and catered to our needs.”

Gina Barnes, Vice Principal, Harris Primary Academy Benson

Contact Us

We offer highly tailored training solutions. If you would like to talk to us about which pathway is right for you, leave your details with us and our team will be in touch.

Our Courses Are Accredited and Certified by a Number of Organisations

All Team Teach positive handling techniques have undergone a medical review carried out by independent medical experts, as required by the Institute of Conflict Management.

Team Teach are certified by the BILD ACT Association of Certified Training, complying with the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards, a requirement for NHS commissioned services.

The course materials for our positive behaviour training programmes have been independently assessed and accredited by the CPD Accreditation Service.

Our government-supported National Training Award recognises exceptional achievement in training and development, with robust quality control and assurance processes.