Straight into Crisis: Supporting Sudden Escalations of Behaviour

Published On: 8 January 2024

Watch our webinar hosted by Dave Smallwood, experienced Principal Team-Teach trainer and behaviour consultant, as we discuss behaviour that seems to have come out of nowhere, because we haven’t seen the experiences an individual has had before they got to us. This can include sudden explosive outbursts, but also individuals who suddenly become non-responsive and we can’t understand the reasons behind the change.

We will explore how seemingly minor previous experiences before we see an individual can have a cumulative effect, meaning that we may not see the build-up leading to crisis.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

1. How small events, changes to familiar routines, and seemingly insignificant problems can build up having a cumulative impact on the emotions of an individual.

2. Ways we can support an individual through transition points, such as arriving at our settings, giving them opportunities to regulate and share their experiences.

3. What to do when you’re suddenly supporting an individual in crisis to reduce risk and keep everyone safe.