Supervision in Education | Hollie Edwards

Published On: 15 October 2023

Hollie Edwards joins us on today’s show to discuss supervision sessions and how these can benefit education settings.

Hollie is the Director of Mental Health & Wellbeing at a Junior school, as well as a supervisor, and counsellor. She is author of the book, Reflective Supervision in Education: Using Supervision to Support Pupil and Staff Wellbeing.

In this episode, Hollie talks about her experiences as a counsellor in schools, offering counselling sessions, first in her role as a Family Liaison Officer and then as the Mental Health Lead. She explains how the idea of creating supervision sessions in her school started, and the benefits this has for education staff.

Hollie shares 3 tips in this episode:

If you are finding work overwhelming, find an opportunity in your day to take some time out to stop for a moment.

Reach out and speak to someone if you’re finding things challenging and it’s impacting on your mental health.

Have a space and time for self-reflection.

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