Supporting Individuals With Complex Needs | Aaron Newcombe

Published On: 30 March 2023

Aaron Newcombe joins Claire in this episode to discuss how we can help to support individuals with multiple and complex needs through a crisis.

Aaron has supported in the community in adult day services for over sixteen years. His career spans from working as a support worker for those with multiple and complex needs and learning difficulties to coordinating all day services across the Midlothian Council. He now works as an Intermediate Team Teach Trainer delivering training daily.

In this episode, Aaron talks about having your own strategies to remain calm in challenging situations. He describes it as being able to regulate your own emotions before you help somebody regulate theirs. Aaron sees communication as the key to supporting individuals and how we need to adapt the way we communicate to the needs of the individual.

Aaron’s book recommendation is Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before by Dr Julie Smith

He also shares three tips during the episode:

Be prepared to adapt the way you communicate to suit the needs of the individual.

Know how to remain calm and regulate your own behaviour in a crisis.

Recognise how we can perceive things differently, such as through body language and sensory needs.

You can find Aaron on LinkedIn.

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