Supporting Individuals with Down Syndrome | Karen Massey

Published On: 1 October 2023

Speech therapist Karen Massey, joins Clare to discuss supporting individuals with Down Syndrome, particularly with speech and language. Karen talks specifically about education settings, but this episode may also be useful for anyone supporting individuals with Down Syndrome.

As an award-winning child speech therapist, Karen has worked as a therapist both for the NHS in special education and privately for the past 15 years. Karen specialises in supporting individuals with complex needs, including apraxia of speech. She is an author, speaker, and online trainer, as well as providing therapy time.

In this episode, Karen shares some of the misconceptions about Down Syndrome, the importance of understanding individual strengths within a recognised profile of need, along with practical ideas to support challenges some individuals with Down Syndrome may have around speech and communication.

Karen recommends her book, Helping Children to Speak: Down Syndrome Through the Primary School Years.

You can find Karen on the All About Speech Therapy website.

Karen shares 3 tips during this episode:

Don’t underestimate the power of familiarity and recognition. Make things predictable and follow a set routine.

Make things visual.

Be patient and persevere.

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